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Coach A's Champ Camp

At Champ Camp Reno, our mission is to use athletics and movement to instill the values of Confidence, Health, Ambition, Motivation and Politeness in our youth. We believe that by teaching these foundational principles, we can create a better tomorrow for our community and future generations. Our programs are designed for children of all ages and abilities, with a focus on building physical fitness, emotional stability and interpersonal skills through fun, engaging activities.








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Caleb Aitchison

Owner and Coach

I grew up in a small Northern California town, and as anyone who grew up in a small town knows, there’s not always a lot to do. This lead me to dedicate all free time to sports. I played every sport offered beginning in early childhood and still participate in recreational sports to this day (well up until Covid). Being engaged in athletics has taught me so many valuable lessons and has shaped who I am as a person in several ways. 


As a child, I had many memorable coaches and teachers who have had a lasting impact on my life. This has given me first hand knowledge of how impactful positive role models can be in a child’s life. I have known from a very young age that being that person for our youth is how I wanted to build a career. 


I pursued my dreams and began turning my passion into my career by attending California State University, Chico where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with a concentration in Physical Education. 


After college, my wife and I moved to Reno. I was eager to begin coaching and received the opportunity with the Boys and Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows. Shortly after, I began teaching at a private school. I am currently the Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher at this same school and have called it my home for the past seven years. 


In addition to running elementary and middle school athletics as part of my “day job”, I began to offer private sports camps seasonally. These have proven to be very rewarding for both myself and camp participants which lead to the dream of Champ Camp Reno. As a coach and teacher there is nothing more rewarding than seeing players and students improve, accomplish their goals, and have fun while doing it.


In addition to being a teacher and coach, I also have the honor of being a husband and father. I have two amazing young daughters who are already showing a genuine interest in being part of a team and staying active. I have an amazing wife who is supportive and willing to work by my side to make our Champ Camp Reno dreams come true.


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Serving the Greater Reno/Sparks Area


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